Little Update About The Game

Hi there. I wanted to note some things now.

Push Addict is tagged as an idle / incremental game and thats what it will be - yes, I have decided.

Currently I'm adding savegame-support. By just watching the first information that I got after those few days after "release", there where around 70 views and 5 downloads. I guess the most people are playing in the browser right? Most incremental games are javascript-based, so there are some workaround to save game status. For me with Unity its a bit clunky. I guess I should use some cloud-saving - that would require the player to register somewhere (I will probably use PlayFab at the backend). 

This means "register again for something" ... I'm not sure how people think about it?! Some comments would be nice.
And no, I will not forget those with sh*tty internet connections. There will be the possibility to save locally.

Beside of that, at the moment I restructure my code, so it will be ready for the future. And a gameloop will come in. I already have a ton of ideas and dont know where to start :D
Anyway, thats my problem. I hope to have the next version ready in around 1 week. Hopefully nothing will disrupt me this week. (edit: I make good progress so far overall. But those "in x-weeks" things i should scrap immediatly. Builds just pressure on me. Its done when its done. This way its better for everyone.) 

See you then!

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