Welcome dear person. We heard your voice. You want money! 

And to do so you’re trying to find a mine to rent, even if you actually have absolutely NOTHING.

Well you know. You can have mine - but you have to pay a rent for it each month.

Yeah yeah, you want to own it by yourself, but that costs as you know. 

Give me 100.000$ and its yours, next to the rents for sure!


  • Gather ressources
  • Construct a working infrastructure of a mine
  • Manage your workers by hiring and firing them 
  • Sell ressources on a fluid changing market
  • Consider your influence on the eco system, nearby living citizen might not like that
  • Raise your energy production for a nice boost or handle the loss of worker efficiency 


  • WebGL Version seems to be still buggy, we recommend to use the normal download versions!
  • MAC and LINUX version are not tested


  • Left Mouse button -  Interact and add worker from buildings
  • Middle / Right mouse button - remove worker from buildings
  • ESCape - Opens and closes the pause menu

Helping Tips

  • Read the Tutorial
  • Keep calm
  • Discover all the systems

Known Issues

  • Some typos and grammar issues
  • Start feels slow
  • Hard af
  • Tutorial feels useless <.<
  • No Sounds / Music :’(






We cant wait for your response and feedback! Thank you so much!


win_ld45_FromNothingToMine.zip 21 MB
mac_ld45_FromNothingToMine.zip 20 MB
linux_86_x64_ld45_FromNothingToMine.zip 21 MB


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Whew, that game is really brutal to start with. It's a race against the clock from the beginning since your constantly accumulating debt. I ended up really loving that craziness, especially the market which could change its prices in an instance.

We're happy to see that you had fun with our game. As you said the beginning is quite harsh, that was one of the time-issues we run into at the end of the jam. But at it turns out it was one of the most fun and challenging parts after all.