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Kingdom Decisions

You are a Kings child and your father just came back from a war with an old enemy. Your father crushed the enemy and gathered the whole kingdom of the enemy.

This land ist now yours.

Your father gifted the land to you with the condition, that you have to build your own kingdom within 5 years. Then he will visit your kingdom and check if you have achieved at least on of his given goals for a successful kingdom.

Every part of the land is filled with decisions. Often you have to decide which sacrifice you will do to gain the related benefits. Will you always have the luck to find the event you actually need?

If you suceed, your father will be proud and you have your own personal kingdom. But if you fail, you a disgrace to your family and your father will banish you from all of his land.


  • Mouse - Control the game with your mouse
  • ESCape - Closes all simple windows
  • [You shouldn't use the Return or Space key to activate the next round]

Helping Tips:

  • Have always some ressources in your storage for events
  • You can always try to repair a minus values. You loose when you have a negative value at the beginning of your round
  • Check always your income of your kingdom. For that, click on your castle
  • Scouts usually will find better events than citizens who are scouting 
  • Always choose wisely, ignoring an event may also lead to your goal

Achievable Goals:

  • Reach at least 16 Realmpoints
  • Save at least 1000 Gold Coins and 1500 Trading Goods
  • Collect at least 1000 Lifequality
  • Have at least 1000 Technology Points

Known Bugs:

  • Some Typos and Grammar issues
  • Balancing Issues
  • To Restart a game, you have to loose, win or close the whole game





LudumDare Entry Page: Click me



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whoah, black on brown? [text]

Well you're right. Its hard to read. Those problems appear when you create a game in just 72 hours. To much to do :D