You are the major of a floating plattform on a big ocean. Your goal is to create an ark to survive. Not just you, but even your citizen. You will have to create a small city, to gain all the nessecary material that you need. By the time going onwards you population will raise and the weight will start damaging your plattforms and maybe destroy them. If not this way, you can mismanage your city by let you citizen starve to death or prohibit living space to them. If so, they will start riots and damaging the plattforms too. So you have to manage the material-income and the happiness of your people.

If not, you will lose one platform after the other and you run out of space.

Mouse - Control the game with your mouse
Numbers 0 - 9 - The numbers will hide alle buildings except the pressed number. Annother hit on the same key, will show all buildings again.

Helping Tips:
Every Citizen needs a home.
When there is no living space or too less food, your citizens will start to riot.
Demolish of your buildings will grant you half of the building resources.

Known Bugs & Issues:
NOT well balanced :(
Maybe you are the first person who plays this :/


This is a LudumDare 42 entry, you can find our page over here and of course there you can find much more little games from everyone who participated.

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